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Meet The Handlers



Jullian has been with us two years, but he’s got the ease and professionalism of a veteran. Whether working with the puppies or the reptiles, he has wonderful control of the animals and cares for them greatly. He is adept at “reading the crowd” and customizes his shows to best fits the needs of the customer. Look for him in our article by The Wall Street Journal online.



Chances are you’ve spoken to Shannon on the phone to inquire about a party. She’s the manager here and also the owners’ daughter. She’s been hosting puppy and reptile parties since she was 16 so she has lots of experience working with kids and providing a special experience that won’t soon be forgotten.



Beth has been with us the longest so if you’ve been to a party of ours, it’s likely you’ve seen her in action. She’s great with kids and gets lots of requests. She’s now working as a teacher in the valley. But not to worry, she will pop up every now and then at a party for a special performance. Keep a look out for her in our very busy summer months.



She may be the quietest member of our team but she gets the job done! It didn’t take her long to fall in love with our animals and buy a jack russell puppy for herself. Whether it be the puppies or the reptiles, her love of the animals shines through at every party she does.



Having a passion for both people and animals, Mallisa’s goal for every event she’s at is to make your experience with the animals the best one possible and that’s exactly what she does. Her enthusiastic and friendly nature makes all her guests feel happy and entertained.



Being the newest member of our team hasn’t held Capri back. She’s made herself right at home here. She’s already made her mark having been requested for parties and receiving many compliments on her patience with the kids even though she’s only been with us for a couple of months now.